Preserve And Protect Our Precious Wildlife

The conservation of our wildlife is crucial. Jabulani currently provides refuge to over 40 species of wildlife and a host of birdlife. Poaching and human settlement has encroached on the well-being of our flora and fauna for far too long. At Jabulani, we seek to educate people on the fragility of our local environment, and we hope to do so by setting an example. We know that nature preservation begins with us.

We encourage you to be a part of the Jabulani experience, and help preserve and protect our precious wildlife.

Home To Over 40 Species Of Wildlife

Jabulani boasts a wide variety of plains game. Home to herds of eland and impala to the skittish zebra and graceful giraffe.

Our rich landscape is home to over 40 species of wildlife and with Jabulani’s enthusiastic guides our guests will be provided with an authentic taste of what Africa is all about.

Sit For Hours Observing Our Magnificent Birdlife

Observing the birds of Africa in their natural environment is a very special sight. Our farm boasts over 100 species of African birdlife from the Red-Billed Hornbill to the Peregrine Falcon, the Giant Eagle Owl to the African Fish Eagle.

Our talented guides take pleasure in helping bird lovers identify the colours, sounds and shapes of our magnificent birdlife and will sit for hours while you drink in the beauty of Jabulani’s rocky landscape and its wild inhabitants.