Identifies Real Opportunity Through Real Potential

We have become deeply involved in the growth of our local Pezulu School. We take education seriously at Jabulani and hence, we have thrown ourselves into the development of our local community.

Our involvement at our local school aims to give our local children and their families the opportunity to prosper and thrive.

Please contact our office to find out how you can get involved in our projects.

Doing The Right Thing For A Better Tomorrow

Jabulani is constantly looking for new ways to give back to the community. Education is high on our agenda and we currently work very closely with the children at the local Pezulu School. This primary school provides education to some 80 students, taught by just eight teachers. School fees are $16/child. Their premises are small and classroom supplies are something of a luxury. Desks, pens, pencils, textbooks and the learning equipment we take for granted are as precious as gold to these children and desperately needed to further their education.

At Jabulani we hope to contribute to the hopes, dreams and needs of these students, by getting our guests and volunteers involved in their development. Jabulani encourages visiting school groups to interact with the children at Pezulu. We often organise sports events like football and netball for the children to enjoy and aim to introduce a life orientation programme between local and visiting schools to teach these pupils valuable life lessons. We also encourage our visiting students to help enrich the lives of the Pezulu students, by donating any old toys or clothing to the school.

We also aim to bring the children together for movie evenings, once again allowing the local and visiting schools to interact together. By encouraging this interaction, there is no end to the lessons these children can teach each other.

We also hope to build a computer classroom for the children at Pezulu in the near future. We hope our visiting school groups will assist us in the training and teaching of these skills, allowing our local students the opportunity to utilise the marvels of today’s technology.

For us to achieve all of our goals, we need your help. Please enquire for more information on ways in which you can get involved..